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85 Verecke utca
1025 Budapest
Phone/fax: (1) 325-98-91
Mobile: (20) 9165-004

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Our services

Realisation of exhibitions

Realisation includes construction and demolition, from carpet laying to the electrical works. We use original Octanorm type installation, R-8 lamps, Heugafeld carpets in 4 colours, Octanorm furniture and chairs of Italian design.

We can implement everything from simple stand lines to custom designed, multi-level stands, from 20 m2 up to even more than 2000 m2. If the exceeds the latter, we use the services of our affiliated company, Expo East Kft, or our partner, Expo Service Team Austria.


If needed, we can take over the organisation tasks from you, such as liaising with prospective exhibitors, development and processing of application and order forms, provision of data, area distribution, execution of contracts with the exhibitors, development of drawings for catalogues, preparation of the necessary plans, licensing, organisation of deliveries.

Related services

Tent leasing:
Expo Wanderer Kft.During the past years, a new type of exhibition infrastructure has developed, which is supported by our Company jointly with Expo Wanderer Kft. system of mobile facilities (tent). The benefits of the mobile exhibition hall are fast setup, easy transportation and the availability of a roofed space. This is available for lease for the realisation of an exhibition area covering 200-1000 m2.

3D visual design:
The DataCad program we use enables the development of a three-dimensional visual design, which can be transmitted to our partners even through e-mail. This makes the exact implementation of the required stand faster and easier.

Graphics works:
If needed, we undertake the preparation of stickers, flags, documentation, logos, frieze texts and the execution of other printing works with the help of a computerised font cutter.

A considerable part of the implementation costs for exhibition stands derives from the high transportation fees, therefore our company, in order to be able to offer more competitive prices, performs the carriage of the installation materials with self-owned vehicles (3.5 ton van; 7.5 and 40 ton trucks).

Lease of green decoration:
Flowers, plants are also available for lease, which can make the stands more colourful and unique.

We provide our other services, such as cleaning, insurance for the event, etc. in co-operation with our well established partners.

Our prices always depend on the location, the sizes of the stands and the additional equipment and services you may require.

Please, contact us through telephone, fax or (expoteam@expoteam.hu), we are glad to render assistance.